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Tell Kyra to Keep Painting

‘Tell Kyra to keep painting,’ Swami instructed in a dream a few days back. Now, Kyra, my daughter, is no artist, although she likes to draw like most children. It is music that she calls her best friend, because it calms her. Yet this dream is special to me because Kyra has been quite sad … Continue reading

A Love Story Rewrites a Life Story

This is not a typical love story but then I am not a typical person either. This is a story that began with love, was infused with love and continues to be the deepest source of love in my life. It began on an ordinary day but in an extraordinary way. The 8th day of … Continue reading

Nourishing Blood With Love – The Haemometer Episode With My Beloved Swami

An important facet of the Master is that for Him nothing is trivial or important. What is important for you is for Him too. That is the way He wins hearts. And that is how Sri Sathya Sai won my heart! I did only two years of my schooling in the Sathya Sai Higher Secondary … Continue reading

A Mother’s Love

Baba has not just been a Guru or a parent, but a friend, guide and spiritual light of every moment of my life . He was the love that knew no bounds- be it providing students with humble back grounds with the best of education or health facilities (My father had a free by-pass surgery … Continue reading

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