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Tell Kyra to Keep Painting

Kyra and Swami

‘Tell Kyra to keep painting,’

Swami instructed in a dream a few days back.

Now, Kyra, my daughter, is no artist, although she likes to draw like most children. It is music that she calls her best friend, because it calms her. Yet this dream is special to me because Kyra has been quite sad lately.  She hates relocating (our current city Shenzhen being her third city in nine years), craves stability, belongingness, family, lifelong friends and her grandparents (Dadu, Dadi who passed away many years before her birth. On particularly emotionally turbulent days she carries their photo in her school bag to feel close to them).

At a time when she has been demanding a phone so she can be closer to her class friends who are all on the Chinese WeChat, this dream seems a guidance for her to not neglect activities that take her inwards and will hopefully bring her solace.

This dream moves me because while he’d promised to look after us students where ever we’d be, just like that, with no special effort on our part, he’s widened his arms to hold our children in his loving embrace too.

(Photo: Taken when she was 6 years old. Post an ‘encounter’, I’d stormed out of the room, refusing to help her sleep. Came back a half hour later to find her asleep, hugging Swami’s photo, prayer beads wrapped around her neck)

Lom Harshni Chauhan

Posted by Lom Harshni Chauhan
Alumnus, Anantapur Campus, 1991-94

Author, Visa, Stickers and Other Matters of the Soul



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