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Birthday Letter To Swami, Nov 23, 2013

Dear Swami,

The whole day I have been going about my daily routine with this letter on my mind. A letter that conveys the feeling of love that is especially enveloping and embracing me today. A letter that conveys in a few words a thousand different emotions-all variations of the love you shown me, the love you taught me and the love you lived your whole life and after. By physically writing this letter I am affirming once again to myself , to the universe and to you who is pure consciousness that I will continue to love you and I will continue to live you by loving …loving every person…everything and every moment. I know it’s not an easy thing but I am used to ‘not easy’ things my whole life.

Swami, I came to your abode as a child who was not only confused and confounded, but also so spiritually bereft. In the 8 years that I studied in your awesome, loving school and college, I gained not only a life of awakening and awareness but also a healed heart that learnt how to love and give. I remember in one of your discourses you spoke about how once we had been your students…we would be your student for life. That is exactly what I have experienced all these past 20 odd years since I left the Paradise of your lovingness. You were there at every milestone of my life. You held my hand at every difficult moment and every tough situation and experience of life…I could not see you physically but in all my other senses and perception, you were right here by my side.

Today being the physical birth- date of your incarnation on earth I once again make a pledge to continue to live by the values you taught and to live the way you did-in total and absolute lovingness.

Thank you Swami for converting your energy into the physical form for 84 wonderful years. Those 84 years of your life has enabled a whole generation and many human lifetimes of positive energy to seep into the depths of the earth we all exist on.

May every inch and every ounce of your loving existence keep our physical earth safe and secure.

Posted by Mallika Sastry Chandrasekhar
Alumnus, 1986-94
Sri Sathya Sai Higher Secondary School 1986-91
SSSIHL- Anantapur Campus, 1991-94



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