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Letters to Swami, The Diaries

Come To Me

A poem that expresses an individual soul’s pining for the Divine. Originally posted by Aparajita Bhattacharjee on her blog http://sundayoutpor.blogspot.com/2011/07/come-to-me.html

Come to me in spirit I seekSwami visiting Women's College
Come to me in moments I speak
Come to me in voice alone
Come to me in times of doom.

Come to me in dreams I see
That leaves its trace in morning’s me
Come to me in serious doubts
Come to me to unfold knots.

Come to me in solitude’s bower
Come to me in learning’s shower
Come to me with hands that say
‘Give me Your number, I’ll call I may

Come to m e with a promise benign
Come to me in stars that shine
Come to me in everyday chores
In books or mags, movies or more.

Come to me in shades of hue
Come to me in moments due
Come to me to share Your thoughts
Come to me in image of sorts.

Come to me the way I do
In daily prayers in remembering You
Come to me in nature divine
Come to me, You are Mine.

Posted by Aparajita Bhattacharjee
Alumnus,  Anantapur Campus,1997- 2002



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