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Nourishing Blood With Love – The Haemometer Episode With My Beloved Swami

An important facet of the Master is that for Him nothing is trivial or important. What is important for you is for Him too. That is the way He wins hearts. And that is how Sri Sathya Sai won my heart!

I did only two years of my schooling in the Sathya Sai Higher Secondary School. But those two years were the foundation years for my Divine romance with Swami. It was during those years that my Love for God was nourished and my trust in human values was strengthened. In an interesting episode, I learned another beautiful facet about my God – that nothing is “too big” or “too trivial” for Him. What is “big” for me, however miniscule or trivial it may seem to the world, is “big” for Him too. It was such experiences that made Swami my best friend and fostered my faith in Him.

I was studying my 11th standard. It was in the year 1998. I was relatively new to the concept of being a student. I had only one desire in my heart – to go near to Swami and become dear to Him. The journey had been quite eventful till then and it promised to get better and more profound.  *My first experience of His omniscience <http://aravindb1982.hubpages.com/hub/Swamis-Omnipresence-The-first-experience-as-a-student>  *had me thrilled. Everyday, new concepts about God in general and Swami in specific were formed in me and old ones demolished. On the 22nd of July, 1998, I got a chance to experience His all-knowing nature, once again.

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Posted by Aravind Balasubramanya
Alumnus, Brindavan & Prashanthi Nilayam Campus, 1998-2007



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