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God’s Delays are not His Denials

This is a famous quote that I have heard a million times. Well, not a million times, but it feels like that! It is one of the all-time favorite phrases to be used while consoling someone who is in despair. Even I have made use of it on many occasions –

“Hey! Don’t worry. Things will sort out. God is there to help. Remember….his delays are not his denials.”

When things are sunny and fine, it is easy to state the quote. When things go bad however, we desperately grab on to the same quote and secretly hope in our hearts that this is only a delay and not a denial. Traveling down memory lane, I come across a singular episode that has convinced me beyond doubt that God’s delays are definitely not His denials.

It was the March of the year 2000. I was in my 12th standard and was one among a hundred or so preparing furiously for the countrywide Board Examinations. For a student in Swami’s school, it was a time of a probable, terrible transition. Since Swami had not started any medical or engineering colleges and courses for chartered accountancy, those wishing to pursue these lucrative and attractive careers had to leave Swami’s physical proximity. Despite having experienced moments of intense omniscience, one does not want to leave His physical proximity.

It was in these circumstances that a few students did not clear the entrance examination for the Under-graduate courses. But they were firm in their faith that Swami would give them seats. They also resolved to study and do well in the future. But, did they have a future? Read on to find out for yourselves…


Posted by Aravind Balasubramanya
Alumnus, Brindavan & Prashanthi Nilayam Campuses, 1998-2007


One thought on “God’s Delays are not His Denials

  1. Awesome experience

    Posted by sarala jagannathan | July 4, 2012, 8:57 pm

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