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Swami for Life

When I first came to know Swami, I was not aware that Swami would take care of me for the rest of my life. I was a mediocre student, so getting an admission into His institution was a big blessing for me. However, at that age I never realized the value of His physical presence. I just thanked Him mentally for giving me a good and free education.

Up until 5 or 6 years back I was shy to express to people that I was a Sai Student, but then Swami has His own way to teach us. Now when I talk to people, I mention with confidence that I did my undergrad from Sai University.

I never came across any major problems in life-I believe that Swami helped me directly in this. I always thank Swami for taking care of my family and averting any major health and financial issues like many people come across.

Being a mother of 2 daughters now, I lose my patience and temper a lot, but reading Swami’s quotes and devotees’ experiences recharges my battery. Consequently, I try to control my anger and express Love whenever possible. I teach my daughters that Swami or any God that they like should be treated as their best friend for life. I have not put them in Bal Vikas classes because of some personal reasons; however, I have full faith in Swami and am sure my kids will grow up to good adults in this society.

My ambition in life is to help small girls who are sexually abused. When I read about those incidents, I feel completely helpless and useless.

My only wish is that Swami uses me well at the right time to help these kids.


Posted by Subha Subramaniam
Alumnus,  Anantapur Campus,1993- 96


2 thoughts on “Swami for Life

  1. It’s ineveitable that thoughts thought, the quality and intensity of thoughts thought, will bring to us the object of our thought. If we think of Swami, He’ll come, if we think of anything else deeply, meditatively, it’s bound to appear. A mother’s tension is solely concentrated on her kids’ well being, but being able to surrender to the Supreme for their upbringing requires grreat strength of mind. No matter what happens, please do not fear. Think of any of the two:
    i) This is happening for something good or better.
    ii) This too shall pass.

    Posted by Aparajita | April 26, 2012, 11:07 pm
  2. Sairam He will be always with us…

    Posted by tirupati23 | April 27, 2012, 4:43 pm

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