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The Quest

A short poem written on the passing away of Swami- one of those mighty rivers that cross our path but once in a long, long while.

Empires rose then dissolved,
their conflicts unresolved.
Civilizations shone and faded away,
Thus it was and thus it will stay.

While mighty rivers that once gave life,
breathed their last, last night;
The traveller, busy in his quest,
left his thirst unquenched.

Posted by Lom Harshni Chauhan
Alumnus, Anantapur Campus, 1991-94


One thought on “The Quest

  1. This is a wonderful blog that you have come up with. I appreciate your sense of dedication and the effort to unite all Sai students in due of course of time outside Facebook. Your poem is a good read. Hope all our memories come back and help revive our spirits as once upon a time it used to when we used to get a glimpse of Him….:) Sairam.
    If you wish to you can see my blog : http://www.sundayoutpor.blogspot.com. If you can’t do let me know…

    Posted by Aparajita | April 25, 2012, 11:58 pm

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