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A Mother’s Love

Baba has not just been a Guru or a parent, but a friend, guide and spiritual light of every moment of my life . He was the love that knew no bounds- be it providing students with humble back grounds with the best of education or health facilities (My father had a free by-pass surgery in Sathya Sai Super Speciality Hospital); or those innumerable gifts of love and care- be it clothes, watches, best of sweets or fruits, my first camera, walkman or things which even my own parents were not in a position to do (though I am ever grateful to them for showing the path towards Prasanti Nilayam).

Above all these material things, self confidence to survive in this world with love for god is what he instilled in my young heart. To add- I am no son of a businessman,politician, celebrity or bureucrat.

He was and is my inspiration to serve fellow human beings, speak in public in front of thousands, to learn Vedic mantras-”Na Karmana na prajaya, dhanena tyagenaike amruthatve manashuhu”- and appreciate the unity of all religions with the principle of brotherhood of man and fatherhood of god.

It is said that love of a mother can never be repaid. For us students, the love that Baba showered on us was the love of a  thousand mothers- it can never ever be repaid.

Those who criticize will always do so, but all I advise is to use the same time and energy on some constructive tasks like serving your fellow men. If possible, please do visit Puttaparthi or at least spend five minutes to skim through the innumerable welfare projects undertaken by Sai Baba for the benefit of normal men like us. If someone still continues to criticize after all that, I would just say….I DONT CARE NOR DOES MY GOD!

Posted by Swaroop Alwar
Alumnus, Prashanthi Nilayam Campus, 1997-2004


One thought on “A Mother’s Love

  1. True!!! Our Swami is the embodiment of Love and we are proud to be His property. We love you Swami.

    Posted by Archana | April 21, 2012, 2:55 pm

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